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Manchot-Forschungsgruppe „Entscheidungsfindung mit Hilfe von Methoden der Künstlichen Intelligenz“

Professor Stefan Süß and PD Dr. Sascha Ruhle are part of the Manchot Research Group on Artificial Intelligence. Within this research group, they are involved in a use case of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics on the topic "Good Governance & Compliance". In addition, five other members of the Faculty are involved (Marcus Bravidor, Guido Förster, Peter Kotzian, Marius Wehner and Barbara E. Weißenberger). The interdisciplinary research group analyses the application of AI methods. The business and economics view is supplemented by the AI expertise from computer science, legal expertise from the Faculty of Law and ethical aspects from the field of philosophy. The aim is to investigate the application of AI methods. In the field of business and economics, the group is particularly interested in the potential of negative discrimination through AI. The new research group will implement AI applications at the HHU and develop evidence-based recommendations for research and practice.

We would like to thank the Jürgen Manchot Foundation for their generous financial support of this research group!

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